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Reebok Skipping Jump Rope (Black/Red, 280cm)

Reebok Skipping Jump Rope (Black/Red, 280cm)

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Allowing you to build endurance on the go, the Reebok Skipping Rope requires minimal space and time to create an effective cardio workout. Easily adjusted and cut to size, the 280 cm Rope delivers consistent speed and accuracy; allowing you to get into a rhythm with your training.

- Ideal for cardio on the go, skipping allows you to work your stamina when time and space are limited
- 280 cm long, the Skipping Rope is easily cut and adjusted to match your height
- Durably made with a rubberised feel, the Rope delivers speed and accuracy for better cadence
- Aerodynamically designed, the hardwearing handles cut-out form enhance grip whilst allowing airflow


Length: 280 cm

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