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Reebok Knee Wraps in Black

Reebok Knee Wraps in Black

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Built for heavy-duty training, Reebok Knee Wraps reinforce your joints and stabilise movement; helping to bolster each rep as you push your training further.


Made from a woven elasticated blend, the two-metre wraps brace the knees during your top-end lifts; harnessing your energy at the base of each rep to drive through the sticking point.


Secure whilst you work or rest, the tapered Velcro tab anchors the wraps whilst quickly relieving pressure for comfort between sets. Designed to stay with you through testing sessions, the Reebok Knee Wraps tap into your true muscular potential; equipping you to routinely push your top 10%.



Ideal for squats and leg press

Reinforces the knees

Secure Velcro fastening

Tailored Support

Tight elasticated material

2m Long


Supplied as a pair

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