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Morgan XL Platinum Angle Punch Bag (Empty)

Morgan XL Platinum Angle Punch Bag (Empty)

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The Morgan Sports XL Angle Punch Bag is an oversized version of our standard angle bag, offering a larger, heavier and more robust striking surface that is specifically designed to train heavier uppercuts, stronger hooks, straighter punches, devastating jabs, killer low kicks and more. 

Manufactured using our 1000D ripstop vinyl. Evenly balancing the bag during filling creates a realistic training experience. The unique shape is advantageous for punching at angles and uppercut shots. Durable nylon seat belt straps with stitched D-ring ensures that the punching bag can be used for all kinds of training, while an additional tie-down loop located at the bottom of the bag provides stabilisation.

  • Constructed from 1000D ripstop vinyl
  • 6 x re-enforced hanging straps
  • Balanced 55-60kg weight reduces overall swing of the bag
  • The multipurpose design which is ideal for punching, kicking, kneeing, elbowing, uppercutting
  • A larger 15cm overhang allows for a better uppercutting area
  • We recommend using a swivel or carabineer which will allow the bag to spin and move freely 
  • Chains and swivel not supplied


  • 50cm top diameter x 65cm top length
  • 15cm overhang area
  • 30cm bottom diameter x 70cm in length, lower kicking area
  • overall length - 140cm
  • weight approx. 55-60kg

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