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Morgan V2 Fight Night Boxing Gloves (8oz - 10oz)

Morgan V2 Fight Night Boxing Gloves (8oz - 10oz)

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MASA-approved fight night boxing gloves are the preferred choice for the NSW head governing combat sports authority. Our fight night gloves have been tailor-made to meet the highest level of safety, whilst ensuring a true professional boxing glove feel has been maintained. Handcrafted from start to finish ensures that these gloves have been made with the highest attention to detail. If you are holding a fight night and looking for a glove sponsor for your event, please contact us for your free fight night boxing gloves.

  • High-density latex rubber mould breaks down shock-impact and is backed by blow-softening foam and EVA for proactive knuckle defence
  • EVA padding with foam cushioning in an attached thumb protects the fist and its entirety
  • EVA sheet padding throughout the wrist and foam padding in the cuff promises true wrist–to–knuckle protection
  • Polyester laces for efficient fit, water-resistant nylon stitching and Korean Satin all translate into the puncher's dream

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