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Morgan V2 Elite Gel Shock Easy Wraps

Morgan V2 Elite Gel Shock Easy Wraps

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Wearing our next-generation Morgan gel-injected easy hand-wrap can make your hands unbreakable. Made from the highest quality neoprene, phase 2 silicone gel and high grip rubber, these wraps are designed to be worn with or with our external boxing or MMA gloves. The gel-shock gel equilibrium sheets over a thin slab of highly compressed EVA padding forms a wall of shock-absorbency in an ergonomic product to protect your knuckles.

  • Fits perfectly under any boxing or MMA glove and fortify your knuckles some more for complete shock-absorbency
  • The shock-absorbent base is cleverly stitched using highly durable neoprene over 4-way breathable fabric for extraordinary comfort
  • Highly shock-absorbent EVA padding is slabbed over with a Gel-Shock Silicone Equilibrium sheet for an added wall technologically advanced shock-resiliency
  • Lycra finger webbing does not hamper hand-mobility in any way under boxing or MMA gloves
  • Air-cooling mesh panel inserts to keep your hands dry
  • Rubberised finger and palm inserts so the gloves can be used in a cross-training environment
  • Double hook and loop wrist support
  • Elastic metacarpal strap to provide a tighter over the hand fit

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