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Morgan V2 Classic Boxing Gloves (8-10-12-14-16oz)

Morgan V2 Classic Boxing Gloves (8-10-12-14-16oz)

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With over 15,000 pairs of classic boxing gloves sold per year, we believe this is one of the highest-selling boxing gloves in Australia. The classic boxing glove has been designed as a high-quality cardio fitness boxing glove that also works well as a light sparring glove. Great for high-volume PT pad work and heavy bag classes, this glove will last for years. The classic boxing glove is also a great entry-level glove for boxing and martial arts training. Cost-effective and compact, Morgan V2 classic boxing glove offers superior hand, wrist, and thumb protection.

  • Made from ATF phase 2 rexene
  • A mixture of EVA, Latex, and Foam insert padding
  • Precision cut for cardio fitness
  • Padded with a 2-way thumb locking feature
  • Perforated thumbs and palms for a quick and easy drying process
  • 3” military grade velcro components ensure the gloves can be opened 1000’s of times before the velcro loses its effectiveness

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