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Morgan Shadow Boxing & MMA Gloves - 1kg & 3kg

Morgan Shadow Boxing & MMA Gloves - 1kg & 3kg

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The Morgan Shadow Boxing & MMA gloves are made from neoprene material with a Velcro fastening closure wrist support. Individual finger slots are perfect to increase punching speed, power, and accuracy. These weighted gloves are designed specifically for endurance training and/or shadow boxing. The weight of these shadow boxing endurance gloves is evenly distributed around the knuckle and lower forearm and the back of the hand, giving you a comfortable well-balanced feel without restricting your freedom of movement. This also allows you to work out with a wide range of endurance and shadowboxing exercise routines. Our weighted shadow boxing gloves help improve and accelerate your punching power and overall arm strength, stamina and endurance.

  • Made from neoprene material
  • Velcro closure wrist support
  • Individual finger slots
  • Perfect to increase punching speed, power and accuracy
  • Sold in pairs
  • Available in 1kg (0.500gr per hand) and 3kg (1.5kg per hand)
  • 1kg gloves are ideal to be worn under your 16oz boxing gloves for extra weight whilst shadow boxing 

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