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Morgan Micro Alpha Focus Pads (Pair)

Morgan Micro Alpha Focus Pads (Pair)

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Unleash the coaching prowess with the Alpha Series Micro Focus Pads by Morgan Sports. Engineered to elevate your agility and performance, these pads are your ultimate training companion. Crafted with precision using durable microfiber and robust G10 matte synthetic leather, they maintain their shape even through the most demanding workout sessions.

Constructed with Quad layer inner padding technology, these pads offer essential shock absorption, ensuring your hands stay fresh and resilient throughout your training regimen. Enhanced with compressed EVA and dura foam, they provide unparalleled protection against incoming punches, with additional padding strategically placed over the finger cover area to safeguard against accidental impacts.

Featuring laser-cut sunken hand target areas, these pads facilitate increased punch accuracy, allowing for precise training sessions. The inclusion of military-grade hook and loop straps ensures perfect wrist alignment, minimizing the risk of injuries and maximizing your performance potential.


  • Manufactured using microfiber & G10 synthetic leather for long-lasting durability and top-notch safety.
  • Quad layer molding foam provides decisive shock absorption, keeping your hands fatigue-free.
  • Compressed EVA and Dura-Foam sheets ensure extra safety from incoming punches.
  • Laser-cut sunken hand target areas enhance punch accuracy.
  • Military-grade hook and loop straps provide perfect wrist alignment to keep you injury-free.

Designed to accommodate various hand sizes, the additional expansion points at the hand insert area, coupled with a Velcro strap over the glove area, offer versatility and comfort during intense training sessions.

Elevate your coaching experience with the Alpha Series Micro Focus Pads, your gateway to precision and performance in every session.

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