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Morgan Hybrid Thai/Focus Pads (Pair)

Morgan Hybrid Thai/Focus Pads (Pair)

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The Mogan Hybrid Thai & Focus pads are ergonomically designed Long Curved focus mitts that can also be used as a Thai pad, these hybrid pads will assist you in developing speed, accuracy and agility in your training sessions - with the ball in hand giving you more control over target placement, and an extended foam wedge assisting with comfort in the forearm area. Tested by Alex Volkanovski head coach Joe Lopez, Joe has found these pads ideal for not only continual travelling commitments but also for high level fight camp preparational training 

Features and Details:

  • Long focus mitts for working all strikes (kicks & punches)
  • Ball in hand compartment for grip
  • Extended wrist strap with padded support
  • 1.35cm Hood over finger for protection
  • Extended 1.5cm foam wedge in forearm area for comfort
  • Curved for the perfect catch whether kicking or punching
  • 33cm long x 20cm wide x 4.5cm thick padding
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