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Morgan Gel Injected Hand Wraps

Morgan Gel Injected Hand Wraps

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Double down on hand-protection using our state-of-the-art inner-gloves.  High wearing neoprene and 4-way breathable stretch fabric,  the shock-absorbent centre of these inners.  Gel-Shock gel Equilibrium Sheets over a thin slab of highly compressed EVA padding forms a wall of shock-absorbency in an ergonomic product to protect your knuckles under Boxing or MMA glove of your choice.  Simply slip these bad boys under your gloves,  wrap your wrist and punch away with confidence knowing your fists are virtually unbreakable.

  • Fits perfectly under any boxing or MMA glove and fortify your knuckles some more for complete shock-absorbency
  • The shock-absorbent base is cleverly stitched using highly durable neoprene over 4-way breathable fabric for extraordinary comfort
  • Highly shock-absorbent EVA padding is slabbed over with a Shell-Shock gel Equilibrium sheet for an added wall technologically advanced shock-resiliency
  • Lycra finger webbing does not hamper hand-mobility in any way under boxing or MMA gloves
  • 4-meter Hook-and-Loop with elastic

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