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Morgan Fight Bell

Morgan Fight Bell

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Introducing the Morgan Sports Extra Large 20cm Gong with a brass hammer, designed to deliver a remarkable tone audible in any arena. Crafted from durable steel with an attached 30cm x 25cm solid wood base, this ring gong ensures longevity and quality sound projection, embodying Morgan Sports' commitment to excellence in sports equipment.

New to this model is a plate attached to the gong board, allowing for a clear strike to signify the 10-second mark at the end of each round. Ideal for boxing or wrestling competitions, this traditional ring gong serves as the perfect fight bell, offering reliability and classic functionality at a fraction of the cost of expensive electric timers.

Experience the essence of timeless sportsmanship with the Morgan Sports 10" Ring Gong.


  • Extra large 20cm gong with a brass hammer has a great tone that can be heard in any arena
  • This ring gong is made of all steel construction with an attached solid 30cm x 25cm wood base 
  • Now with a plate attached to the gong board that can be struck to signify the 10 second mark at the end of each round
  • Perfect fight bell for your boxing or wrestling competitions
  • No need for expensive electric timers when you can stick to a classic and get this traditional ring gong for less than half the price
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