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Morgan Elite Curved 'High Impact' Hit Shield With Hand Protection

Morgan Elite Curved 'High Impact' Hit Shield With Hand Protection

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The Morgan Elite High-impact Hit Shield is the toughest and strongest shield in our range of shields and protectors. It is made from a highly resilient 1200D ripstop vinyl that is pre-cut and shaped piece using Australian-made high-density foam specifically designed for the elite athletes.

With the added padded hand coverings located at the sides, this shield can be held very close to the body and extended outwards with no hand adjustment required. The hand coverings are also ideal when used in high impact-weapon, martial arts and rugby training, protecting both the shield holder and athletes. Featuring additional two rear grip handles and dual looped webbing straps allow the hit shield to be held in a number of configurations. It is also constructed with a multi-layer high-density and heavy-duty one-piece Australian-made foam with a concave design.

  • 1200D ripstop material
  • padded cover to protect the holder's hands on the side
  • Easy to hold rear supporting straps and tough strong protected handles on the sides with additional strap handles on the back,  both top and bottom
  • Ideal for serious combat sports,  krav maga and also rugby league training
  • Dimensions:  70 x 38 x 19cm
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