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Morgan B2 Bomber Leather Sparring Shin & Instep

Morgan B2 Bomber Leather Sparring Shin & Instep

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The Morgan B2 Bomber Shin and Instep Protectors are optimised for absolute power, performance and tradition with Thai-inspired design and craftsmanship. These are specifically designed to enable execution and high levels of shock-absorption during training. Using the highest quality 1.1mm thick Italian-brushed leather with our signature quad-core, elite, muti-layer, anatomically curved, shock-absorbing latex padding, these shin and instep guards are specifically manufactured to protect athletes from intense kicks during training and sparring.

Additional foam rubber padding over the shin and instep area offers all the coverage and comfort elite athletes demand. Two rear fold over straps with elastic instep strap for stability, coupled with our T4 moisture management inner lining allows you to train hour after hour with limited leg fatigue. These premium Shin guard & Instep protectors are hand-stitched and crafted, ensuring that the highest level of care for this product.

  • Made from Italian brushed matt leather
  • Quad-core multi-layer latex padding
  • Anatomically engineered moulding
  • Latex gel enhanced shin padding
  • T4 moisture management inner lining
  • Extended dual rear adjustable Velcro straps
  • Hand-stitched and crafted in house
  • Designed for elite-level sparring
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