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Morgan B2 Bomber Leather Groin Guard

Morgan B2 Bomber Leather Groin Guard

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Introducing the Morgan B2 Bomber Groin Guard, your ultimate defence against impactful blows during intense training sessions. Engineered with precision, this groin guard protector is crafted from our signature Italian brushed rock solid matte leather, ensuring durability that withstands even the most rigorous workouts without cracking under pressure.

Featuring Shell Shock technology, this groin guard provides unparalleled cushioning and shock dispersion, minimising the impact of strikes and enhancing your overall protection. The reinforced Tricot lining offers maximum comfort and support, allowing you to focus on your performance with confidence.

Equipped with an adjustable lacing rear closure and a thick expandable elastic band, this groin guard ensures a secure and customised fit for every athlete. Despite its robust construction, the B2 Bomber groin guard remains super lightweight, keeping you agile and nimble on your feet.

Designed to meet the needs of both professionals and amateurs alike, the Morgan B2 Bomber Groin Guard is your trusted companion in the ring. Don't compromise on protection—equip yourself with the best and train with confidence.


  • Tough Italian brushed matte leather for unrivaled durability
  • Shell Shock technology for superior cushioning and shock dispersion
  • Reinforced Tricot lining for maximum comfort and support
  • Adjustable lacing rear closure with a thick expandable elastic band

Experience the difference with Morgan B2 Bomber Groin Guard—your shield against the toughest challenges in the ring.

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