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Morgan B2 Bomber Leather Bag Mitts

Morgan B2 Bomber Leather Bag Mitts

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The Morgan B2 Bomber Series is designed to blast you ahead of the curve. The B2 Pro Leather Bag mitts are developed with the help of pro boxing athletes that spend most of their day in the gym. Meticulous handcraftsmanship and battle-proven materials are a champion’s formula assembled together to bring you the safest and longest-lasting bag mitts in the industry today. Using our signature 2” Velcro hook and loop wrist strap, padded palms and integrated gel enforced lining, will ensure that you can hit your heavy bag day after day.

  • The sturdiest of authentic brushed, cowhide leather encapsulates the shock-absorbent interior of these foam laminated gloves
  • This unique high-density PU mold is backed by compressed EVA, high-quality underlay and foam padding for a barrage of impact breaking hand protection
  • 2” Hook and Loop wrist straps and padded palms reduce hand fatigue whilst ensuring you have a true boxing glove feel using these bag mitts
  • EVA padding throughout wrist along with foam padding in the cuff encompasses the hands and wrists in protection for all defensive positions
  • Integrated silicone gel over the knuckle area provides the highest levels of protection

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