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Morgan Aventus 10" Speed Ball

Morgan Aventus 10" Speed Ball

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A speedball punching bag is the ultimate workout companion, giving you a roundhouse punch to focus on. It's perfect for practising jabs and uppercuts. Designed to improve hand-eye coordination, speed, agility, accuracy, and footwork, the Morgan Aventus Speedball provides a durable punching surface, optimised for speed, to develop all the basic techniques a boxer needs.

Speed bags for boxing not only encourages speed but also stamina. This makes Morgan boxing speedball's heavy-duty performance rubber bladder with its durability and fast rebounds a great tool for a long-lasting fitness workout and training. It is also a small size target measuring 26cm x 16cm, perfectly balanced for a responsive feel and ideal for intermediate to advanced users due to its smaller diameter.

Ultimately, the Morgan Aventus Speedball is a perfectly weighted 10-inch speedball for every boxer's training needs.

  • A 10-inch speedball
  • A narrow swivel loop (fits standard swivels)
  • A full-length strap sewn into the entire length
  • Measures 26cm x 16 cm

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