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Morgan 20kg Delta Cerakote Olympic Barbell - 815kg Max Capacity

Morgan 20kg Delta Cerakote Olympic Barbell - 815kg Max Capacity

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The Morgan Delta Cerakote Olympic Barbell is every weightlifter's dream barbell. It does not only look cool, but its corrosion-resistant composition takes gym training to a whole new level. It has a fine but highly grippy knurling that is matched with freely rotating sleeves driven by multiple highly protected bearings. The Olympic bar offers lifters a moderate amount of whip. However, it is recommended as an all-round bar for most athletes that admire and respect its rugged ability to perform well throughout one's training demands. For this reason, the Cerakote Olympic barbell has dual markings for both Olympic and Powerlifters. 

What Is Cerakote?

Cerakote is a ceramic polymer coating traditionally used to protect firearms. Cerakote offers impressive advantages over traditional coatings. Its finish makes it a grip-friendly barbell that is resistant to corrosion, oxidation, rust and other chemicals resulting in a sleek barbell made to withstand the toughest condition. Its thin coating provides better grip despite its regular exposure to chalk and sweat in the gym and regardless of the exercise.

Some may not appreciate its amazing features, but if you and your members are discerning athletes who know a great barbell when they see one, then the Cerakote Olympic Barbell is a great addition to any weightlifting gym, CrossFit box, or commercial gyms.


  • Men's 20kg barbell
  • Dual markings - Olympic and Powerlifting
  • No centre knurling
  • 2200mm in length
  • 100% black hardened chrome finish collars and Camouflage Cerakote shaft
  • 28mm shaft diameter with our renowned fine knurling
  • 50mm sleeves rotating via 8 bearings, 16" in length
  • 200,000 PSI tensile strength
  • Rating of 815kg
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