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Lifespan Fitness Corsair FreeRun 105 Treadmill

Lifespan Fitness Corsair FreeRun 105 Treadmill

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Experience a true running simulation with the Corsair FreeRun 105 Curved Treadmill. With the ultimate freedom to control your own pace and intensity at will, the Corsair FreeRun 105 is perfect for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Push as hard as you can for maximum intensity, quickly and easily change your pace for cool down and recovery intervals.

Speed: Unlimited - User Controlled Pace
Resistance: 8 Levels
Running Surface: 1700mm x 440mm (L x W)
Drink Bottle Holder: No

Dimensions and Weight
Occupancy Size: 197.5cm x 85.5cm x 158cm (L x W x H)
Net Weight: 165kg
Maximum Load: 170kg

Computer Monitor: Large LCD display, Shows multiple statistics at once
Workout Statistics: Time (min:sec), Speed (kph), Distance (km), Calories (Estimate)


Assembly Required: This product comes partially assembled in a box with assembly instructions included

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