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Kambukka Elton Water Bottle 500 ML 3 in 1 lid Sports Drink Tumbler Snapclean

Kambukka Elton Water Bottle 500 ML 3 in 1 lid Sports Drink Tumbler Snapclean

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Upgrade your drinking experience with the Kambukka 3-in-1 Universal Lid, designed for perfection in every sip. This innovative lid combines functionality and convenience for unparalleled beverage enjoyment.

Key Features:

1. 3-In-1 Lid: Experience the versatility of a 3-in-1 lid that caters to your every drinking need. Whether you're sipping, gulping, or enjoying a straw, this lid ensures the perfect drinking experience every time.

2. Snapclean Technology: Say goodbye to tedious cleaning. With Kambukka's Snapclean feature, just pinch and pull to effortlessly remove the inner mechanism for quick and easy cleaning. Keep your lid fresh and ready for your next drink.

3. Universal Fit: This lid is designed to fit seamlessly on any Kambukka bottle or mug. Enjoy the flexibility of using the same lid across your Kambukka collection, making it a convenient and universal accessory.

4. Easy Grip: The lid is equipped with an easy-grip feature on the side of the bottle, ensuring a secure hold while you sip. Say farewell to spills and awkward handling with this thoughtful design element.

5. Comfortable to Hold: Kambukka prioritizes comfort, and this lid is no exception. Designed for a comfortable grip, it enhances your overall drinking experience by providing a secure and pleasant hold.


  • Brand: Kambukka
  • Lid Type: 3-in-1 Universal Lid
  • Features: Snapclean Technology, Easy Grip
  • Compatibility: Fits any Kambukka bottle or mug

Elevate your hydration game with the Kambukka 3-in-1 Universal Lid. Enjoy the convenience of easy cleaning, universal compatibility, and a comfortable grip. Order now and experience a new level of satisfaction with every sip.

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