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Everfit Weight Plates Standard 5kg Dumbbells Barbells Plate Weight Lifting Home

Everfit Weight Plates Standard 5kg Dumbbells Barbells Plate Weight Lifting Home

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Enhance your weight-lifting routine with the Everfit Weight Plate, available in 15kg/20kg sizes. The weight plates are constructed from heavy-duty cast iron and are designed to be sturdy and tough for all your exercise needs. The plates are covered in a tough rubber coating and feature a three-hole grip for easy handling. These weight plates are simple to use and compatible with most bars, making them versatile for use with dumbbells, barbells, or on their own. A handy weightlifting tool, they can be used for exercises for weight loss, strength training, endurance training and improved cardiovascular performance. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced lifter, Everfit Weight Plates provide a reliable and efficient way to achieve your fitness goals.

Heavy-duty cast iron weight plate
Triple grip hand holds
Comfortable rubber coating surface
Sturdy and tough
Simple to use
Compatible with most bars
Versatile applications for dumbbells, barbells, or weight grips
Ideal for weight loss, building strength, endurance and muscles
Enhance cardiovascular performance
Convenient weight-lifting tools

Brand: Everfit
Material: Cast iron + Rubber coating
Diameter: 40cm
Inner diameter: 51mm
Thickness: 3cm
Weight: 5kg
Colour: Black
Assembly required: No
Number of packages: 1

Package Content
Everfit Weight Plate X1


This product comes with 1 year warranty

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